Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nature vs. Nature

Lawrence has one-upped himself. His most recent paper has made the prestigious journal Nature, and has also caught on in popular media. He's been on MSNBC, slashdot (the geekiest geek site around), and the official story on the homepage of MIT.

His research details how modern day genomes are in fact "fossils" through which we can learn about past geologic events, including the introduction of oxygen into Earth's atmosphere. His research is multi-disciplinary, spanning several facets of nature. Cool stuff, so cool that I complemented Lawrence today, "Your nerdiness has made the papers!"

But apparently, his contribution to knowledge about nature isn't nearly as cool on digg.com as "Dog in Germany gives birth to 17 puppies". While Lawrence's research was "dugg" 80+ times, the multi-parous dog was "dugg" 260+ times.
Lawrence's nerdiness just isn't as popular septendecuplets (i.e., 17-uplets).

Yay Lawrence anyway!


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